Thursday, September 11, 2008

An Angel named "Rusty"

An Angel named Rusty

by: Steffany Barton, RN

Sandra was a thirty something married mother of three who had been working as an administrative assistant for eight years. She missed her children during the day and found little satisfaction in her job, yet she felt chained to her position.

“The people there need me,” she explained. Besides, I wouldn’t be able to find a better position. I’m just stuck.”

I could clearly see her guardian angel standing behind her. He told me his name was “Rusty,” and asked me to introduce him.

As I did, he began talking. He lovingly remembered that many years ago, Sandra had dreamed of owning her own boutique store where she would carry the wares of local artisans. She even took business classes to avail herself to the training and resources that were within the community. She had written proposals, dreamed about floor plans, and even sketched some logos.

“Get out your colored pencils and sketch again. Your dreams have been on the shelf far too long. Please know that I will support you in greasing the wheels of your imagination. I will help you resuscitate your rusted pans.”

Sandra smiled. “It’s funny,” she began. “Yesterday I bought some colored pencils and stuck them in my purse. I really didn’t have a need for them, but I couldn’t seem to talk myself out of it.”

Rusty began to speak again. “You are always guided. The angels are asking you to pay attention to your gut feelings. You are nearing the completion of this phase of your life in favor of one that is more in line with your dreams. Please allow us to help you.”

Suddenly Sandra’s eyes lit up. “I remember so many things I thought I wanted to do. After the birth of my first child, I lost my nerve. I began to feel that I didn’t have the right to dream, and that duty must come first. I thought financial responsibility meant burden and drudgery. Now I’m so unhappy.”

“Please know that you can make the changes necessary to fulfill your heart’s desire. We will help you in taking slow steps toward your goals. We ask that you first use the colored pencils. In that way, you will reawaken your mind to the possibilities that are within you.”

Sandra’s face relaxed, and she breathed a sigh of relief. “You know, change is hard for me. But if I know that it doesn’t have to happen over night, and that I am supported, I’d be willing to go for it. I really don’t have anything more to lose. Thanks, Rusty. I’m glad to know your name and have you around.”

Rusty smiled and outstretched his wing. “I am always at your side. Please call on me every day. You are so loved.”

I thanked Sandra and her angels for their time and insights. She patted her purse and said, “I’ve got to get home. It sound like I’ve got some work that is long overdue.”

** Steffany Barton is a clairvoyant/clairaudient Reiki Master who holds a degree in Nursing. She works with the angelic and spirit realms on a full time basis. She can be reached for appointment at (913) 451-4567 or email at

Monday, August 11, 2008

An Angel named "Trixie"

On this particular hot, sticky May night, I found myself presenting angel messages to a group of four ladies. Ranging widely in age, education, and background, each one shared a desire to connect with the unseen forces around them. As I began to talk, I could feel the presence of one particularly strong angel in the room. With the lightness of a whisp of cotton, she flitted around the room, landing behind her keep. I noticed her and begin to move my energy toward her, but an older male began talking loudly to me from across the veil. In order to keep the peace, I chatted with him first.

Soon, however, this angel began to flutter at me again. I turned her direction, and she told me quite clearly that her name was Trixie, and she needed to speak. I thanked the older gentleman for his time and messages, and moved to Trixie’s charge.

“Trixie is the name of your angel,” I began to explain to Karen. “But she asks that you not be fooled by the name. She is here to help you uncover your mission—you are here to manifest great things for yourself.”

Karen stared slyly at me. In her mid twenties and fed up with her life situation, Karen couldn’t believe that she had much to offer anyone, let alone that she could create the life she wanted. She had spent four years involved with a man who didn’t want to commit, and she was fed up with her job. I could see that she felt a little lost, but knew that her angel could show her the way.

“Please stop doubting yourself,” Trixie began. “We angels see that you are taking the actions of others and using it as personal ammunition against yourself. We are here to let you know that situations outside yourself must not define who you are on the inside.”

I conveyed to Karen that her life purpose involved helping to heal children and possibly writing children’s books. Until she was able to see herself as independent and important, she would continue to feel stuck and angry.

Trixie continued, “Remember the magic you worked in your college years. You would think of an option and then it would happen. Your wishes came true. Your father would marvel that you always seemed to have a trick up your sleeve. Well, you do have divine assistance. I, and all the angels, am here to help you get yourself back on track.

“We ask first that you change your thinking. You are a perfect child of God, and you need do nothing to earn favor in the eyes of your angels. Please allow us to be a divine mirror for you at this time, for we see you more clearly than you see yourself.

“Start releasing the expectations and fears that you have connected to the relationship with your partner. As you trust yourself, the waves of confidence and self assurance will carry you through the seeming difficulties. You will enjoy the love you seek.”

Karen seemed at a loss for words. After a few deep breaths, she began to comment to me, “You know, the funny thing is that there is a bird at my workplace named Trixie. She squawks all the time, and it drives me nuts. I can’t believe that my angel has the same name. But I see that I could use the bird as a reminder to give myself affirmations. If she’s annoying me, maybe it’s because my thinking is untrue and self defeating. I’ll try choosing different thoughts, and see if that won’t get the bird to be quiet.”

I agreed with Karen that the bird was, in fact, placed in her path from the angels. And as she healed her thinking, I knew that she, like a brilliant bird, would soar.

** Steffany Barton is a clairvoyant/clairaudient Reiki Master who holds a degree in Nursing. She works with the angelic and spirit realms on a full time basis. She can be reached for appointment at (913) 451-4567 or email at

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Angel Named "Flo"

- by Steffany Barton, RN

With the hope of receiving encouragement, Brenda scheduled and appointment to see me. The wife of a prominent architect in the city, she had found herself completely overwhelmed by material abundance yet spiritually bankrupt. Burned out and frustrated, she sought a spiritual solution for her troubled soul.

Immediately, Brenda’s angel presented herself and began showing me images of Brenda in a yoga class. The angel, who called herself Flo, further indicated to me that Brenda could use a little practice with using the word “no.”

“Your angel is telling me that your energy took a drastic turn at about the age of 27. At that time, you began forgetting, or at least suppressing, your needs and your own individuality. It seems that you’ve drained your emotional and spiritual fuel tank through the constant pattern of pleasing others,” I shared with Brenda.

“Oh, yes, that makes sense. I had four children in my early twenties, then, at age 27 I had to have an emergency hysterectomy. After I recovered, my husband asked me to begin doing the books for his business. It turned into a full time job, and I managed to do it in addition to taking care of the children.

“But it seems that my children have never grown up. One of them lives with me now, and I just don’t see that changing. I feel like a shell. My joy in living is gone, and I just don’t know where to go,” Brenda shared.

“Have faith,” Flo immediately reassured Brenda. “This pattern can be shifted with a few minor adjustments in your routine. The first step is to attend the yoga class you’ve considered. From there, we encourage you to take risks at new ventures and then become more aware of the obligations you are undertaking,” Flo said.

“Oh yes, I understand that. But that’s not as easy as it seems. First, my husband expects me to maintain a certain face for him and the business. Second, I know that I sometimes need help. I’m afraid that if I were to tell someone else no, then I would be let down in my time of need. I’ve got to keep one step ahead, so to speak,” explained Brenda.

Flo smiled and encouraged this kind of thinking to change. “You doubt the supreme abundance and wisdom of the Universe. Your needs will always be met, and that fact is not contingent upon your good deeds. In truth, the more you honor yourself, the more receptive you are to receiving the rich blessings heaven has to offer,” explained Flo.

“I don’t understand. If I don’t help out where it is needed, then who will? Someone has got to do it. Most of the time I don’t feel up to my commitments, but I know I’m obligated,” said Brenda.

“Again, dearest child,” continued Flo, “we ask you to move forward in good faith. When you begrudgingly take on responsibility for others, you shut the door of ingenuity on the Universe. If you are not able to assist, please say no and trust that Heaven will manifest the perfect outcome. Remember that a good and loving force is in control.”

Tears welled up in Brenda’s eyes. “My goodness, I do want to control everything. I’ve always wanted things to work out just right, just the way I think they should. I see that might be causing me more suffering than I need to experience.”

Again, Flo encouraged Brenda to have faith. “Your willingness to surrender and receive help from the unending flow of love from the Universe ensures your complete healing. Allow simplicity to infuse your activities, and refuse to compromise further on self care. Yoga will lovingly direct your energies in this fashion.”

“I will take the class. I might not even wear makeup either. I can be less than perfect and still be good enough,” replied Brenda.

I could see that Brenda had received clear and direct guidance that pointed her toward healing action. With perseverance, and the ability to go with the Flo, I knew she would succeed in living the life she deserved to live.

- by Steffany Barton, RN

** Steffany Barton is a clairvoyant/clairaudient Reiki Master who holds a degree in Nursing. She works with the angelic and spirit realms on a full time basis. She can be reached for appointment at (913) 451-4567 or via the web at or via email at